Sellers Checklist

A quick checklist:
These are items a buyer will be noticing. You should notice them too.

__Is the yard being mowed at least once a week?

__Are the sidewalks edged?

__Are the hedges trimmed neatly and landscaping in good shape?

__Are all the screens/storm windows in place?

__Are there flowers to add a fresh touch?

__If there is a pool, is it clean?

__Is the front door clean and inviting?

__Are the carpets clean and new looking?

__Are all the outlet covers and switch plates in place and clean?

__Have the tubs/showers been cleaned? No mildew or mold, rotten caulk, etc?

__Are there any leaky faucets?

__Is the home’s exterior fresh/clean/painted?

__What about the interior walls, railings, & spindles?

__Are there any cracks or holes in the interior walls that need repair?

__Do the interior cabinetry and cupboards, doors, trims, and handles look newer?

__Are all the windows clean and not cluttered?

__Are all unnecessary items packed away?

__Have the closets, counters, and cupboards been emptied of unnecessary items?

__Are all beds made daily?

__Has the basement and garage been cleaned and organized?

__Are all dishes, pots, etc. cleaned and put in their proper place?

__Is the home void of pet and food and smoke odors?

__Do the appliances, plumbing and lighting fixtures, and heating and cooling systems all function properly?

__Is the doorbell in place and working?

__Are all locking doors easily opened with keys?

__Have all burned out light bulbs been replaced?

__Do all door handles, sliders, drawers, shower doors, etc. work properly?

__Do doors open and close without rubbing, sticking, squeaking?

__Are the baths and kitchen sparkling clean?

The fewer objectionable items that remain, the faster your home will sell.

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