I Want to Sell My Home. Now What?

Factors to consider, questions to ask, how to succeed in any market

Consumer motivation and needs analysis: It’s usually a good idea to start the selling process by asking yourself what you want to accomplish.

  • Are your expectations reasonable?
  • Are your expectations based on reality?
  • Do you have adequate knowledge of the current market?
  • Are you a motivated consumer who actually wants to move, or are you the type of consumer who just wants a sign in the yard?
  • What is the purpose of your move? Is it to upgrade, downgrade, change location, change school district? Is it job related?
  • Are there children to consider?
  • Are you moving for family? For health? For climate? For retirement?

Everything is going to be determined by the motivation of the consumer. Realtors are facilitators who are there to help you accomplish your goals in the most efficient and effective manner. Michael Kooistra is there to provide the most comprehensive marketing strategy based on those needs. It’s also important to note that no one marketing plan is going to work for every home. Different strategies have varying effectiveness with different homes.

Depending on location, price range, type of home, type of neighborhood, and many other factors, Michael will custom-tailor his marketing plan for maximum effect. Michael recognizes that this industry is about servicing the client and making sure the client’s needs are met.

Your peace of mind and ultimate success have everything to do with the professionalism, integrity, and motivation of your Realtor.

I Want To…

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  Relocate To The Area

 Read Client Success Stories

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